2016 Year in Review


Our brands are known for robust new product vitality year in and year out. But we know that the future belongs to the disruptors—the ones whose new solutions transform or create entire categories and markets. And with FLEXVOLT, the first of our new generation of breakthrough innovations has already hit the marketplace.


170+ Years of


170+ Years of

2016 FLEXVOLT System
2016 2M drop protected rotary laser
2013 Wi-fi based active RFID tag
2012 Gyroscopic-activated screwdriver
2011 TSTAK system
2010 Carbide utility blades
2010 Lightweight MIG weld steel hammer
2004 RFID point-of-use
1998 Antivibe hammer
1996 18V Cordless drill
1994 Cordless snake light
1992 Palm-grip electric random orbit sander
1991 Hydraulic Universal Processor
1982 Coil roofing nailer
1980 Mobile Hydraulic Shear
1979 Dustbuster hand held vacuum
1975 Automatic sliding doors
1974 Hydraulic Grapple
1974 Workmate Workbench
1969 Automatic Pipeline Welding
1969 Power tools on the moon
1965 Coil nailer
1964 Consumer (DIY) drill
1963 High-speed small-orbit finishing sander
1963 PowerLock tape measure
1961 Cordless drill powered by nickel-cadmium battery
1953 Portable bandsaw
1948 Torque wrench
1939 On-site Pipeline Bending
1936 Utility knife
1932 Commercial automatic doors
1931 Retractable Steel tape measure
1930 Combination wrench
1926 Portable belt sander
1924 Cemented strip staples
1924 Radial arm saw
1922 Farrand steel tape rule
1917 Hand-held power drill
1903 Wire stitcher
1870 Bailey wooden body plane


FLEXVOLT Revolutionizing the Jobsite

DeWALT FLEXVOLT™ is the world's first battery and tool system that delivers corded power—120V as well as 60V or 20V—where it’s needed so pros can finally work on a fully cordless jobsite. It automatically changes voltage when the user changes tools, and is entirely backwards-compatible with our existing line of 20V MAX* tools and chargers eliminating the need for users to invest in a whole new set of tools.

The system's ability to automatically change between voltages gives users a serious advantage when it comes to efficiency. It brings the power of corded to a new lineup of 60V and 120V tools, and when powering our 20V MAX* tools it greatly improves runtime. This revolutionary system is changing the way things get done on the jobsite.

More on FLEXVOLT’s launch.

*Maximum initial battery voltage (measured without a workload) is 20, 60 and 120 volts. Nominal voltage is 18, 54 and 108. 120V MAX is based on using two DeWALT 60V MAX* lithium-ion batteries combined. 

Tools & Storage

You can just set your saw up and get working. The versatility makes it a superb system.”

Danny Martin

Breakthrough Innovation Teams in Every Business

Our Special Forces workspace is located off-site, away from the day-to-day business environment.

Breakthrough innovation has become pervasive across Stanley Black & Decker, and during 2016 we made substantial progress in building our organizational capability to deliver it. We now have multiple teams dedicated to developing game-changing solutions. Our first such team, the “Special Forces” team in Tools & Storage, launched more than two years ago, has served as the model of success for the ones that have followed.

  • Special Forces, Tools & Storage, Towson
  • Special Forces II, Tools & Storage, Towson
  • Infrastructure Innovation Center, STANLEY Hydraulics, Towson
  • FIRST Innovation Team, STANLEY Engineered Fastening, Germany
  • The Future of Pipeline Construction Team, STANLEY Oil & Gas, Houston
  • FUTURES Integrated Innovation Team, STANLEY Security, Boston
  • Emerging Markets Social Responsibility Innovation Team, Miami

The Security FUTURES Integrated Innovation team is strategically located in Boston, a hotbed of startup activity and advanced research, and adjacent to the innovation operations of technology and industrial leaders such as Autodesk and GE. Similarly, the Engineered Fastening team is set in the heart of the German automotive industry, near leading technical universities and research institutes looking into advanced materials and techniques for adjoining dissimilar metals and materials (i.e., welding and riveting).

We are also seeing strong collaboration and co-creation among and between our various breakthrough teams, and between these teams and the businesses. Collaboration between technologists and product developers cuts across lines and serves as a synergistic lift to accelerate the process.

Each team is dedicated to a business, but operates and collaborates with other teams on specific technical problems. The teams are made up of highly creative individuals with diverse backgrounds and cognitive styles. A battery specialist on one team and a connected devices specialist on another might come together to help a third team leapfrog a set of technical issues to deliver an unprecedented solution. It’s all about solving problems—sharing problem statements, talking through ideas, seeing what one team has done or can do and how that might apply in an entirely different context and market.

Our Oil & Gas Breakthrough Innovation Team in Houston, Texas, is exploring disruptive advances in pipeline joining and inspection technology.

“With multiple breakthrough teams up and running, catalyzing ideas and accelerating development, our organizational capability to disrupt industries and move markets continues to grow. We’re seeing unprecedented synergy and collaboration across the teams and our businesses, and we’re tapping into external sources of inspiration. This is taking our culture of innovation to a whole new level.”

Stephen M. Subasic
Vice President, Human Resources, Global Tools & Storage,
Executive Sponsor of Breakthrough Innovation

Building an Innovation Ecosystem

We are building an innovation ecosystem where cross-fertilization and co-creation is a compelling element of the company's culture. In that spirit, we have convened a council of breakthrough innovators who meet virtually to delve into key technologies such as battery storage, sensors and micro-motors. The council includes representatives from each breakthrough team and from the businesses. We also hold annual summits to share progress and spotlight new solutions. In this way, we have created and continue to grow a thriving community of technologists who are highly collaborative and mutually supportive in their pursuit of breakthrough innovation.

We have extended this ecosystem to encompass external sources of innovation, including established and emerging business partners. STANLEY Ventures is aligning us with startups working on disruptive advances that can accelerate our progress.

There is also a close relationship between our Breakthrough Innovation teams and the groups dedicated to advancing the other growth elements of our SFS 2.0 operating system. Our Digital Excellence and Commercial Excellence groups played pivotal roles in bringing FLEXVOLT to market. Building on innovative work that originated in our Security business, this breakthrough solution is being developed by the Special Forces team in conjunction with our Digital Accelerator and with the help of market segmentation and pricing analyses from our Commercial Excellence group. Such collaboration and connectivity drives rapid innovation and collapses time to market.

Tools & Storage

I didn’t expect it to have the same power as a corded miter saw. I was blown away.”

Ron Newman
FLEXVOLT Miter Saw Customer


Core innovation has been a hallmark of Stanley Black & Decker, delivering a constant stream of new products and solutions that keep our brands vital and relevant. This incremental, linear innovation continues to power organic growth in all our businesses—driving results that allow us to invest in seeking breakthroughs. Every year in consumer durables we rank among the leaders in new patents. Across our global enterprise, in every business, we continue to foster a culture of innovation, empowering our workforce and earning their engagement in bringing new ideas to light. Core innovation is every bit as important to our success as breakthroughs are, in that core innovation protects our base, thereby ensuring our breakthroughs yield positive growth, on top of a solid base.

Tools & Storage:
Robust New Product Vitality


New Products
Every Year


World’s Firsts

Tools & Storage

The AutoSense is wonderful. I have never had a vacuum that knew what it was vacuuming. It is amazing.”

Robin G.
2IN1 Cordless Stick + Hand Vacuum Customer

The Drawing Board – Internal Crowdsourcing

The Drawing Board is an internal portal where employees from every business can respond to problem statements and contribute ideas for new and better solutions. Piloted in 2015, this crowdsourcing mechanism was an immediate sensation. We saw participation levels of engagement increase by three times, and have had to create a dedicated team to manage the portal and shepherd ideas through the process. Our investment has translated into real value creation. In its first two years, ideas gathered on The Drawing Board have turned into products and solutions that have added meaningful incremental revenues to our strategic horizon while reinforcing and growing our culture of innovation.


Rate of



Rate of


Maker Space
– Prototyping Lab

To bring our Drawing Board products to life and enable further external innovation engagement, we are launching our first maker space—essentially a mini-prototyping workshop outfitted with low- and high-tech equipment to accelerate prototype development. This will allow our people to create their product concepts as physical objects, in an environment that is still very much experimental. The role of the maker space’s shop manager is to help our internal people and external collaborators, such as select local students from our university partners, master the various tools and techniques involved in rapid prototyping, everything from conceptual problem-solving to laser-cutting and 3D printing. With this maker space, we are putting an environment in place that our creators will flock to—further fueling our creativity engine and accelerating product development.

https://www.youtube.com/embed/MnFjwUd7l9s?autoplay=1 https://www.youtube.com/embed/T6QiWUR0pGI?autoplay=1 http://pmd367314tn-a.akamaihd.net/Corporate_-_Internal_VMS/764/467/BD_2IN1_Autosense.ogg http://pmd367314tn-a.akamaihd.net/Corporate_-_Internal_VMS/764/467/BD_2IN1_Autosense.webm http://pmd367314tn-a.akamaihd.net/Corporate_-_Internal_VMS/764/467/BD_2IN1_Autosense__445621.mp4 http://pmd367314tn-a.akamaihd.net/Corporate_-_Internal_VMS/764/467/DIYZ_Slide11_DIYZTestimonials_FINAL.ogg http://pmd367314tn-a.akamaihd.net/Corporate_-_Internal_VMS/764/467/DIYZ_Slide11_DIYZTestimonials_FINAL.webm http://pmd367314tn-a.akamaihd.net/Corporate_-_Internal_VMS/764/467/DIYZ_Slide11_DIYZTestimonials_FINAL__871769.mp4 http://pmd367314tn-a.akamaihd.net/Corporate_-_Internal_VMS/764/467/PF_Overview-Ashley_v6_1920x1080.ogg http://pmd367314tn-a.akamaihd.net/Corporate_-_Internal_VMS/764/467/PF_Overview-Ashley_v6_1920x1080.webm http://pmd367314tn-a.akamaihd.net/Corporate_-_Internal_VMS/764/467/PF_Overview-Ashley_v6_1920x1080.mp4 http://pmd367314tn-a.akamaihd.net/Corporate_-_Internal_VMS/759/586/DEWALT_FLEXVOLT__DCS7485_60V_MAX_Table_Saw_First_Look_[HD,_1280x720p].ogg http://pmd367314tn-a.akamaihd.net/Corporate_-_Internal_VMS/759/586/DEWALT_FLEXVOLT__DCS7485_60V_MAX_Table_Saw_First_Look_[HD,_1280x720p].webm http://pmd367314tn-a.akamaihd.net/Corporate_-_Internal_VMS/759/586/DEWALT_FLEXVOLT__DCS7485_60V_MAX_Table_Saw_First_Look_[HD,_1280x720p].mp4 http://pmd367314tn-a.akamaihd.net/Corporate_-_Internal_VMS/759/586/DEWALT_FLEXVOLT__DHS790_60V_MAX_Miter_Saw_[HD,_1280x720p].ogg http://pmd367314tn-a.akamaihd.net/Corporate_-_Internal_VMS/759/586/DEWALT_FLEXVOLT__DHS790_60V_MAX_Miter_Saw_[HD,_1280x720p].webm http://pmd367314tn-a.akamaihd.net/Corporate_-_Internal_VMS/759/586/DEWALT_FLEXVOLT__DHS790_60V_MAX_Miter_Saw_[HD,_1280x720p].mp4